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The Synergy Partners Credit Union has a great history behind it. Founded in 1935 as the Republic Steel Employees Credit Union of South Chicago, the credit union grew primarily on the strength of the steel industry. This lasted for over fifty years.

In 1985 the credit union changed its name to the Calumet Region Credit Union. Due to a decline in the steel industry, the name changed allowed the credit union to expand its field of membership to include employee groups from numerous companies in the local area.

On June 1, 1999 the credit union changed its name to Synergy Partners Credit Union. This changed allowed for further expansion of membership and should provide the credit union with a strong foundation for future growth and success.

Your Credit Union - Your Advantages

  1. Not for Profit - Synergy Partners Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member owned and controlled financial institution. The credit union does exist to make a profit, but this profit is returned to the membership in the form of higher dividends, lower loan rates and additional services. Membership = Ownership
  2. Service - Synergy Partners Credit Union prides itself on the service it offers to its membership. We encourage all member and potential members to contact us regarding any questions you may have regarding services offered. Members are the most important part of the credit union.
  3. Fees - Credit Unions traditionally charge much lower fees than banks do. The Synergy Partners Credit Union provides a majority of our services at no charge to the members. 
  4. Competitiveness - Our goal is to be as competitive as possible. Synergy Partners Credit Union tries to set savings rates higher than local financial institutions. This applies to loan rates also. By participating in the credit union and encouraging co-workers and family members to join, increases in membership will lead to increases in loan volume, which will result in higher profits. This increase in profit will drive up savings rates and lower loan rates.
  5. Location - The location of the Synergy Partners Credit Union is irrelevant. How often do you currently go to your bank? The credit union is able to service you via phone, fax and federal express. All their services can be transacted without ever walking through the credit union doors.