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Synergy Newsletter

COVID-19 update

The credit union is lobby is still closed unitl further notice. We continue to monitor the situation and hope to open the lobby back up soon. When we do, the lobby will be limited to two members at a time, social distancing required and members will be REQUIRED to wear masks. We have sanitizer available and will be cleaning member areas often. Members can still request to do their transactions through the window if they feel more comfortable.

86th Annual Meeting

The Synergy Partners Credit Union 86th Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. This year meeting will be a challenge as we will not be able to have an in-person meeting due to Covid-19. We are preparing to have the meeting via tele-conference or other options, if possible. If you plan to participate, please call (773)646-3000 in advance since availability is limited to 20 members.

COVID19 - 2020

This past year has been one most all of us would like to forget. Our Board of Directors, staff, members, and their families were faced with challenges we never expected.

Thank you to all our members who realized the issues we faced in continuing to provide uninterrupted services. We will continue to do our best to ensure we are there for all of you and do so in a manner that is safe for all.

Let us hope that 2021 will bring us back to some resemblance of normal. The continued use of masks, social distancing, washing hands and promising vaccines will help us reach that goal.

Winter Weather

Luckily, our winters have been relatively calm lately. In those rare instances when the weather calls for heavy snow and treacherous travel, please call ahead to make sure we are open. The safety of our membership and employees is our top priority when weather turns bad.

Call Ahead if Visiting

With COVID restrictions still in place, when coming to the credit union, please call ahead so we can take care of your transactions ahead of time. This will also allow us to explain our current procedures as they may change based on CDC and Illinois Department of Health information.

Statement Fee - Please Read!!!    

Back on January 1, 2015, the Synergy Partners Credit Union began charging a $2.00 statement fee. Four years later, we are still receiving calls and questions regarding what this fee is. This fee will only be charged when a statement is required, by law, to be issued. We do apologize for this fee, but the rising costs for postage, envelopes and paper, along with regulatory requirements, have almost tripled our statement costs. You can avoid this fee by registering your account online and selecting the e-statement option. To sign up, please visit the following: or visit our website, and click on the online banking link. Once you sign up for online access and enroll in E-statements, your statement will be sent directly to your online account for you to view and/or print. You will receive an email notification when your statement is ready. Also, if you decide E-statements are not for you, you can opt-out at any time to resume receiving paper statements. However, you will then be charged the $2.00 fee.


January 18th – Martin Luther King Day

February 15th – Presidents Day

Find possible events at Synergy Partners Credit Union that could have fees associated with them in the first column. Follow the row to see what the associated fee will be.

Service Fee Schedule
Effective January 1, 2021
Account Statement Reprint$5.00
Account Closing (within 90 days)$25.00
Account Research$20.00 hr.
ATM Card (Lost/Stolen)$6.00
ATM PIN Reminder$6.00
ATM Withdrawals$1.50
ATM Denials$1.00
ATM NSF Fees$28.00
Checking Account Request Denial$5.00
Copy of Cancelled Check$2.00
Credit Card Application Fee$25.00
Credit Card Limit Increase Request$25.00
Dormant Accounts (per qtr.)$10.00
Early W/D from Xmas Club$20.00
Late Loan Payment Fee$25.00
Loan Application Fee$25.00
Loan Payoff within 90 Days$25.00
Minimum Balance Fee Mo. (<$50)$5.00
Monthly Paper Statement Fee$2.00
Negative Account Balance$28.00
NSF Checks$28.00
Return Mail Fee$3.00
Reopen account fee$20.00
Stop Payments (Checking/ACH)$25.00
Stop Payments (CU Checks)$25.00
Void Issued Check Fee$3.00

End of Month Closing Time

Please be aware that the credit union closes at 3:00pm on the last business day of each month. This is necessary to process month end closing and to ensure enough time in the event of any unforeseen issues.

Tax Refunds

Have you considered having your tax refund direct deposited into your share or share draft account? All you need to do is indicate your account number and credit union routing number (271080545) on your tax form. It’s safe, easy, and quicker than the mail.

Check Requests by Mail

Please be aware that when you request a check by mail it may take several days to receive it. A check must be in the mail 10 days before we can place a stop on it.

Office Information


11615 S. Avenue “O”, Chicago, IL 60617
Phone: (773) 646-3000
Fax: (773) 646-5682

Apple and Android Apps now available



Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7am to 3:50pm

Andrew Malevitis – Chairman
Linda Jakubowski – Vice Chairman
Brian E. Blaszak – President

Sonia Perez – Vice President

Margarita Padilla-Lizama – Operations Asst.